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We are one of the original boxes in the Inland Valley.  Since 2008, we have been providing athletes of all levels the opportunity and support to reach their personal goals and improve their lives!  We are a "learning gym", focused on teaching people of any skill level or ability how to move correctly and move toward their goals.


Come and see if our CFIV family is a good fit for you, too!


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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is functional fitness; improving the skills and movements you use every day.  CrossFit builds your fitness in all of the areas that are essential for normal life; metabolic conditioning (cardio), strength, power, speed, balance, coordination, accuracy, agility, stamina and flexibility.  We use a variety of movements to accomplish these skills. Regardless of where you start, you will become more fit during your time with us.  

How does CrossFit work?

Each workout is a one-hour small group, coached and programmed workout.  We start with a group warm-up, then a structured "practice" portion where you find your correct weight or scale, followed by a programmed self-paced workout.  CrossFit is a shared experience.  Although your workout is your own pace and level, you start and finish it as a class.  

But don't I need to be an elite athlete to do CrossFit?

Absolutely not.  Just like you don't need to be on the Lakers to shoot baskets at the park, CrossFit can and should be utilized by people of all levels.  All of our workouts are pre-programmed into three levels for beginners to advanced.  It is about relative intensity; one person's maximum effort will be different than another's.  CrossFit is training for real life.  Repetitive motion workouts like treadmills or weight routines that never change yield fewer results because our bodies are adaptive.  Movements and workouts need to change for our bodies to change and grow.  

I don't want to get hurt!  Aren't coaches going to scream at me and make me go super heavy?

No. One of the biggest myths is that CrossFit is dangerous.  Our number one priority is your safety.  Unlike regular gyms, our workouts are programmed by professionals... and a certified coach is watching you the whole time.  We put a premium on correct movement under manageable weight.  If your technique isn't correct, the weight gets less.  You will move from body weight to bars to weights on bars.  All of the movements are scalable to any ability.  No one will be yelling at you to do more or add weight or perform some ridiculous movement.  You squat every time you sit in a chair.  You lift weight from the ground, even if it's just your shoes or a laundry basket, every day.  You carry groceries, work in the yard, play with your kids.  These are functional movements.  This is what CrossFit focuses on.  Doing "just cardio" is a fairly ineffective way to increase your fitness or even just lose weight.  


Who is it for?

From people who have NEVER worked out to seasoned athletes... CrossFit is for everyone.  

Our classes are structured to ensure you reach your wellness goals.  We start with a group warm-up as well as a skills session where the coach will teach the execution of the movements used that day.  

We take the time to explain the workouts and make sure that everyone in the class is feeling safe and comfortable enough to use the skills effectively. There is plenty of time during the class to make sure this is achieved, and questions during class are always welcome.

Our classes are small enough to ensure a coach is watching all of the athletes at all times.

*Click here for our most updated class schedule.

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