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VARSITY Schedule:

VARSITY is our special pricing for young athletes.  They participate in the same workouts as the rest of our athletes.  The coach will scale the workout, weight and intensity specifically for your athlete!


*Please check our most updated schedule by clicking here!

At CrossFit Inland Valley, our goal is to create an active community.  An important part of that community is children.  This is why we've created programs that will keep your kids active in a fun and challenging way.  We want to create a foundation for an active and healthy lifestyle that will stay with them for life.  

CF Varsity can be used to teach foundational movements, an introduction to fitness or developing a new non-competitive activity for your teen.

If your teen is already an athlete, CF Varsity is the compliment to their sport on or off season.  Whatever their sport, this will make them better and safer.  

Varsity Cost:



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