Name: Danica Kane Nalley

Do you have a stage name? Dani, Beastie and I’ve also been called Bambi (because of how I run)

Age: 19

Are you going to school? If so, for what? Yes, Santiago Canyon College. I would like to transfer to Point Loma Nazarene University for a degree in Kinesiology.

When did you start CF? First time I tried at CrossFit Inland Valley was when I was 17. Then again at 19 but this time I was old enough to appreciate it, the discipline and benefits.

Why CrossFit Inland Valley? CrossFit Inland Valley is my home away from home. I love being part of this family.

What’s your fav WOD? I like any WOD with short distance running 100 – 400 meters combined with almost anything.

What’s your favorite movement or lift? My favorite lift is the clean

What’s your most feared WOD? I fear no WOD

A little bird told us that you do not want your mom to train at our box… why? Are you guys very competitive? The story behind that is, my mom took me to her box when I was 14, and I hated it. Unfortunately I was not mature enough to appreciate CrossFit at that point in my life. She told me to find my own box so that I wouldn’t embarrass her. Now I’m very protective of my CrossFit box/ Family. I’ve always been very competitive, sometimes even with my mom.

How’s your diet/nutrition? I’m always working on my diet/nutrition. I am gluten free and I try to keep my daily sugar intake low. Admittedly I am addicted to quest bars.

You have been training really hard lately and we can see the results already. You are doing an amazing job! Are you planning on competing anytime soon? What are your goals? Yes, thank you! My first competition is a Co-Ed Comp on November 14th I’m competing with Ryan Stewart at the intermediate level and I’m really excited! My ultimate goal is to become a professional athlete.

What do you do on your time off? If I’m not in the gym, I’m either at work or the beach

What is the main thing that puts you in the mood to get a good workout in? Reaching my goals, getting stronger and seeing results are my main motivators.

What’s your favorite type of music when working out? Rap or techno, anything with a good beat and motivating lyrics.

Danica has also started our Intern Program, which will for sure help her to become a great and more complete athlete. She walked in one day and said: I want to be the next Christmas Abbott…

Girl, you will go FAR!!!!!! And we are very proud of you!!!!

Would you like to be next month’s Spotlight Member? Put on the effort and be here, training, having fun and sweating! Be part of the Family! That’s all it takes!