Name: Matt Ellis

Do you have a nickname?


How young are you?


Did you go to school? If so, for what?

Yes. A high school diploma

What brought you to CrossFit and when did you start?

First I played soccer, but after two knee surgeries, I hung up the cleats. Then I focused more on running, but my consistency was not what I wanted it to be. I've done a lot of HIIT and circuit training at work. I saw the benefits of that type of workout (and I really enjoyed it). CrossFit provided what I was looking for in a workout along with the team atmosphere I had grown up with.

I've been doing CrossFit for about a year and a half.

Why CrossFit Inland Valley?

I looked at several boxes online and watched the programming for about a month before I tried any. CFIV offered the best programming I saw and was conveniently located.

What’s your favorite WOD?

There are several I really like. Short faster ones like Annie and Helen and grinders like the 9/11 tribute WOD are some that I enjoy. The named and benchmark WODs are great because they can help track progress over time. The hero WODs are always a good way to remember the daily sacrifices that are made to keep our country safe.

What’s your favorite movement or lift?

Does running count? That and most body weight exercises.

What’s your most feared WOD?

None. If it leaves me gasping on the ground, that's good for me. If I can't complete it as written, I can scale it. There are days I'm less excited about the workout than others but I know those days are probably the ones that help me the most.

How is your diet/nutrition?

Better than when I started CrossFit, not quite what it should be. Pretty good overall.

We know you like competing in different races, like the Spartan Race, how did you get into that?

I did a mud run as a benefit for a coworker who was injured at work and thought it was fun. Then I found a 5k obstacle run and liked it even better. I decided doing the same thing for 12.5 miles would have to be four times as much fun. Therefore, Spartan.

How does CrossFit help you prepare for the races?

CrossFit provides a base like no other workout I've done. The camaraderie and atmosphere make it much easier to come in and do a workout. Also, the programming is done for me... much easier.

Do you have a fitness goal that you would like to share?

Like I said before; keep improving, stay fit and healthy.

Do you have any tips for people that feel intimidated about CrossFit?

Don't be. CrossFit comes to your level. You don't have to go to it. Every movement of every exercise can be scaled. Push yourself within your abilities and you will see improvement.

Matt has been not only one of our CrossFit Friends or workout buddies, but he is trully a Family Member, he will support, give tips and help everyone. We can't even count the number of times that Matt has gone above and beyond for some of our Members, he goes on the final run with the Members that have not finished their WOD yet. He pushes everyone. Thank you Matt, it has been a pleasure and a honor to have you as part of our CrossFit Inland Valley Family.

Would you like to be next month’s Spotlight Member? Put on the effort and be here, training, having fun and sweating! Be part of the Family! That’s all it takes!