Monday, November 30th, 2015

Last summer, we completed two weeks of benchmark testing. The testing included gymnastic movements, benchmark WODS, Olympic lifts and power lifts. It's now time to re-test.
If you missed any of the testing, now is your chance to fill in some of the blanks. This re-test will also give you the opportunity to see how you've improved over the last four months.
If you are a newer addition to our family, this will be your testing phase. Another re-test will take place in approx. 4 months from now.
Re-Test from July 27th, 2015

Front Squat - (Find a 1-Rep Max) 3-1-1-1-1

Pull-ups max set (consecutive)

*Rest 2 min

Squats Max reps in 2 minutes

*Rest 2 min

Situps Max reps in 2 minutes

*Rest 2 min

Dips max set (consecutive)