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Juliet has been proving us everyday what our box is about... Family, accountability, persistence, success!!! There's nothing more rewarding for us than watch a member get better every single day!

Keep up the great work... We are very proud of you, Juliet!!!

Name: Juliet Zavaleta

Do you have a nickname?


What made you look for a CrossFit Box?

I wanted to be fit and stronger. I saw awesome reviews for this gym and decided to come down for a visit. I met with Justus and he made it seem so fun and family oriented so I decided to join and loved it ever since.

Why CrossFit Inland Valley?

This is the best place to get fit, learn fundamentals, and join an awesome family that pushes each other harder to be the best they can be every day. As a former athlete in high school I love the challenge and competition CrossFit brings to me every day.

What gives you the incentive to keep coming back?

The coaches pushing me to be my best and letting me know when I am not keeps me motivated to bring it every day. The members are all family they celebrate our PR’s and push us when we are ready to give up. Ryan and Christina are always there to say hi and make us feel comfortable when we check in. I am truly grateful for CrossFit Inland Valley!

What was your thought after your first WOD?

I have died and gone to heaven!

It’s been amazing to watch you improve and get stronger every day, what’s your favorite movement or lift?

My favorite is Split Jerk and Deadlifts! I have seen myself grow in these 2 movements and continue to push myself.

What’s your favorite WOD?

So far the THANKSGIVING workout was my favorite.

What’s your least favorite movement or lift?


What’s your most feared WOD? Have you done it or not yet?

I am still having trouble with Snatches!!! I need to get under that damn bar faster. I think about this movement daily while I’m driving to work on how to get better!!! LOL

What impact has CrossFit Inland Valley had to your life, in and out of the gym?

I have become mentally stronger in my daily life and even brought my son to start the kids program.

Did you play or still play any other sports?


What can you tell someone new that feels very intimidated about taking a CrossFit class?

I was intimidated at first too. Everyone has a perception that you will get hurt but that’s not true the coaches are amazing and are there to help you with form and movement. If you listen to them you won’t get hurt, you will get stronger. Take the jump, become a better you.


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