It was love at first sight... as soon as I met this Family a few months back, I knew they were very special and coming to stay! It's amazing how friends turn into Family, and I'm very fortunate to have met the Gomez Family! You guys are one of a kind and watching you all here, putting in the work and getting better everyday, is always a privilege. Keep up the great work!!!

1. Why do you guys CrossFit and why CrossFit Inland Valley?

Jen: I have always been interested in the Crossfit world but the athletes always intimidated me. CFIV is not only convenient in location but the community of individuals makes everyone feel like family. All of the coaches and members of CFIV are supportive and make working out fun even when the WOD’s look terrible. We all encourage each other to push ourselves and even when we feel like giving up someone is always there to help cheer you on!

Mark: I’ve always lifted weights but never incorporated any type of cardio into my workout and that was one thing I knew I struggled in. So being able to still lift heavy weight and throw in cardio at the same time I was able to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. As for choosing CFIV, I didn’t know until being around like-minded people and getting to know them outside the box as well that I knew that this box was for me. It has been a fun journey so far and I’m glad I chose to stay and continue to get better. It’s only the beginning but I know that this is the place for me.

Kailani: Because it's fun and I can become more healthy and fit for life.

Lexi: Because I get strong!

2. It’s so awesome that the entire Gomez Family is part of our CFIV Family… How old are the kids?

Kailani is 9 y.o and Lexi is 4 y.o

3. Do you guys think that CrossFit has changed your life in and out of the gym?

Jen: Yes, I believe that CrossFit was definitely a game changer for me. I have been working out at a commercial gym for almost 3 years with such minimal changes and it always seemed like I was always so far from my goals. Working out in a group setting with the guidance of awesome coaches and members made me feel more confident with my workouts. I have never been very good with my diet as well and now I have come to realize that there has to be balance. I used to think that if I workout hard then I can indulge in all of the junk food I want and it doesn’t quite work that way.

Mark: I wouldn't necessarily say its changed my life but it gave me a different perspective on how I see Crossfit. It’s a total different atmosphere than the "Conventional" gym. I've built a family bond with a lot of the other members and you just don't get that anywhere else.

4. Jen and Mark, do you guys get competitive during the WODs?

Jen: I don’t compete to get a better time or lift a heavier weight than him but we do push each other to finish the WOD’s.

Mark: No, we aren’t competitive. We actually push each other to do our best and cheer each other on. We are on a different level in our fitness and there are some things that I am more proficient in and vice versa.

5. With the 2017 CFIV OPEN starting, what are your plans? Have you signed up?

Jen: Yes, I have signed up for the 2017 CFIV Open. I am very nervous but also excited to be able to see how far I have come since starting CrossFit. I know that I still have a lot of work to do but I am trying to be patient and try my best to continue to gain more strength.

Mark: Yes, I’ve signed up and I’m actually pretty excited about it. I'm still new to CrossFit and I’m still learning a lot about myself and the sport itself. My plan is to take my time and focus on everything I’ve learned so far that my coaches have taught me.

6. What are your favorite movements or lifts?

Jen: Deadlifts!

Mark: So I’ve recently been able to get a muscle up going and I’ve been super excited about it. It was one of the movements I’ve been working on trying to get for a long time!

Kailani: Burpees

Lexi: Pushups

7. What’s your favorite WOD?

Jen: any WOD with deadlifts

Mark: 21-15-9 deadlift and 500m row

Kailani: Burpees, back squats and lunges

Lexi: pushups, side jumps, and jumping jacks

8. What are your least favorite movements or lifts?

Jen: I am not very comfortable with my OHS. I need to work on gaining my strength and maintaining my balance and lockout.

Mark: Hahaha this is a good question...if you ask anyone that knows me I’m sure they'll tell you. But if you really want to know, anything that deals with running, rowing or kettle bells I try and avoid! But I’ve learned to accept my fate and the only way I’m going to get stronger or even better at it is to continue to come in and push through my weaknesses.

Kailani: I love everything!

Lexi: Back squats

9. What’s your least favorite WOD and why?

Jen: Cal rows with Burpees because my legs feel like Jell-O afterwards and I almost always want to throw up when I am done.

Mark: see above

Kailani: I love doing all the WOD’s

Lexi: I don’t like stretching because it hurts!

10. Do you guys have any goals for 2017?

Jen: My goal for 2017 is to be able to do a strict pull up and work on my double unders!

Mark: My goal is to be as proficient as I can on all CrossFit movements. Everyday is a struggle but you have to go through those to know that you are only human. Not everything will come as easy as it will for others and I know that with a great family at CFIV I know I can do it.

Kailani: I want to get strong enough to workout with mommy and daddy

Lexi: I want to be a fit kid!