Pablo has been part of our CFIV Family for a while and a lot of us really see him as a very special Friend! He's the real deal. We are so proud of you, Argentino!!! You more than deserve this!!!

  1. Do you have a nickname?

Nop *Not true... You do have a nickname! Watch the video!*

Tell us a little about yourself: Occupation, Hoobies, Family… I am an Ops Manager at a community bank in Temecula. I am happily married, father of 2 beautiful girls, and I have my for legged son Boomer.

  1. When did you start “CrossFitting”? April 2014.

  2. Did you play any sports or did you workout before you started CrossFit? I played tennis and futbol NO football. I used to work out but not that often.

  3. Why CrossFit Inland Valley? Because it make feel that I am not just a member, I am part of a big family. When I go there I am not just working out. I am hanging up with all my brothers and sister having a great time.

  4. What makes you keep coming back? Great Staff of coaches and CFIV has helped me to be healthier person.

  5. What’s your favorite WOD or movement? Any WOD that involves body weight. EXCEPT FOR BURPEES!

  6. What’s your least favorite WOD or movement? BURPEES!

  7. What’s your most recent PR and what’s your main goal? Deadlifts. My main goal is to have the endurance to be able to do any WOD.

  8. What do you have to say to someone thinking about trying CrossFit for the first time? Listen to the coaches, take your time, learn the techniques, if you don't know or understand a movement ask don't be shy, scale down don't get hurt, and listen to your body!

  9. What’s your favorite kind of music for a workout? Heavy Rock!

  10. Would you like to add anything else? CFIV = Coaches For Individuals with Values.

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