Friday, June 9th, 2017

T2B Progressions 6 Min EMOM RX 4 T2B L2 Knees To Elbows L1 Knee Raise

B) "100 And Back Chipper" For Time (30 Min Cap) RX 100 DU's 50 Push Press (45/35) 40 Push Ups 30 T2B 20 Ring Dips 10 Strict Pull Ups 20 Ring Dips 30 T2B 40 Push Ups 50 Push Press 100 DU's L2 Sub 2 Min DU attempts Banded Ring Dips or Bar Dips Knees to Elbows or Raises for T2B L1 Cut all Reps in half Sub 150 singles for DU's Sub sit ups for T2B


The T2B progression is practice. Focus on your kip on the bar and technique. The WOD is a lot of volume. Scale appropriately. Always balance your technique and energy. Don't hit a wall. Do acheivable sets and take small breaks. Keep moving.

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