Wed, 08/02/2017

A) E2MOM (10 min/5 sets)

Ground to Overhead 5 reps

B) For Time RX 50 Cal Row 40 Box Jump 30 T2B 20 Burpee 10 Bar Muscle Up


Sub Knee Raises or Knees to Elbows

Sub Jumping Bar Muscle Ups or C2B


Sub 60 Situps


30 Cal Row

30 Box Step-Ups

30 Situps

20 Burpees

10 Jumping Pull-Ups or Ring Rows


Ground to overhead is any way you can get it from the ground to overhead. Use a weight you can cycle. Start light and move up. Power clean to a push press for the first couple of sets, then moving to a push or split jerk. On the metcon, find a pace you can keep throughout the workout. Try not to take any big pauses… keep moving. Scale appropriately to challenge yourself, not exhaust yourself.

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