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Wed, 09/06/2017

“Amanda” For Time: 9-7-5 Ring Muscle Ups Squat Snatch (135/95)

L2 Sub Bar MU or Jumping Bar MU or Burpee C2B L1 9-7-5 Burpee Ring Row Power Snatch


Classic CrossFit benchmark workout today with “Amanda”, a combination of high skill gymnastics and weightlifting. When picking a load for the barbell, it should be something that athletes could do 12-15 reps unbroken when completely fresh. While many athletes are capable of performing some muscle ups and some squat snatches at prescribed, we are looking to hit a specific stimulus. While still challenging ourselves, looking to get this done under 10 minutes today. Modifying the rep scheme or load on the barbell will help the group accomplish this. Ring MU and Squat snatch are advanced movements. High level competitors will find them challenging. However, for those athletes who’s goals involve staying healthy and pushing off the nursing home, other options such as burpee pull-ups and power snatches are a better fit.

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