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Mon, 10/02/2017

“Double Take” AMRAP 15: 55 Power Snatches (95/65) 55 Pull-Ups 55 Calorie Row 55 Handstand Push-ups

L2 Sub Hang Power Snatches Sub Piked HSPU or strict press L1 35 Push Press 35 Ring Rows 35 Cal Row 35 Seated DB Press


With the high rep count, focusing on quality of movement and having a planned break up strategy prevents burnout and gets the best score. The rep scheme of 10-9-8 etc adds up to a total of 55. With one less repetition each set, it provides a nice mental break and allows athletes to easily transition to the next movement. What we want to avoid is opening up with a huge set, followed by small sets and big breaks. 11 sets of 5 also works.

#WOD #amrap #powersnatches #pullups #calrow #hspu #hangpowersnatches #strictpress

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