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Tues, 10/10/2017

“Undertow” 5 Rounds: 200 Meter Run 30 Double Unders 9 Hang Squat Cleans (115/80) L2 Sub 30 Seconds DU attempts or 60 singles L1 200 M Run 60 Singles 9 Hang Power Clean


Looking to choose a weight on the barbell that you can perform 15+ repetitions unbroken when fresh. Focus today is pushing the movements that occur inside the gym. Try and do barbell in 2 or fewer sets. This is done by using the runs as a slight recovery. No matter how slow the run is, athletes are always moving forward. Breaking the double unders or the hang squat cleans puts the workout at a complete standstill. Pace the run, push everything else.

#WOD #undertow #run #doubleunders #du #hangsquatclean #clean

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