Tues, 10/17/2017

“Handbag” 60/42 Calorie Row 100 Double Unders 800 Meter Med Ball Run (20/14) 100 Double Unders 60/42 Calorie Row

L2 Sub 1 Min DU Attempts or 200 singles Sub 800 m without MB L1 30 Cal Row 100 Singles 400 M Med Ball Run or Farmer Carry 100 Singles 30 Cal Row


The pace on the rower and the med ball run will be determine by efficiency and confidence on the jump rope. The goal is to row and run at a pace where athletes can immediately transition to the rope for a large sets. Breaking this up into 1-3 sets depending on how comfortable athletes with the movement. On the final row, taking the first few calories to recover before holding an aggressive pace to the finish.

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