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Thurs, 11/30/2017

“Voorhees” AMRAP 13: 55 Burpees 55 Pull-ups 55/40 Calorie Row 55 Handstand Push-ups L2 Sub Ring Rows Sub Piked or Box HSPU L1 35 Reps Per Sub Ring Rows Sub Push-ups



The workout today comes down to the gymnastics movements. The two higher metabolic movements that precede them can make or break the pull-ups and the handstand push-ups. Finding a moderate, consistent pace on both the burpees and the row will allow athletes to string larger sets together on the pull-up bar and the wall. A rep scheme that works quite well with 55 repetitions is 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. Athletes know that they have one less rep every time. However, if those first couple of sets seem to large for some athletes, 11 sets of 5 is also a great option. Move through the metabolic movements, push the gymnastics.

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