Tues, 12/12/2017

“Johnny” Teams of 2 For Time: Buy-In: 600 Meter Run 3 Rounds: 19 Calorie Row (each) 87 Erg Jump Overs 7 Rope Climbs Cash-Out: 600 Meter Run

L2 Sub 21 Pull-Ups or 7 Seated to Standing for Rope Climbs L1 400 M Run 19 Cal Row 43 Erg Jump Overs 21 Ring Rows 400 M Run


Teams will run 600 meters together to begin the workout. Following the run, they will break up the 3 movements in the middle however they’d like, completing 3 rounds total. Athletes will complete 19 calorie each on the rower. This does not have to be all at one time. Looking for a two foot take off and landing on the erg jumps. Rope climbs are also split between the teammates. After the 3 rounds, athletes will finish with another 600 meter run.

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