Thurs, 01/04/2018

“Double Decker” AMRAP 15: 15 Power Snatches (75/55) 30 Double Unders 15 Wallballs (20/14) 30 Double Unders L2 Sub 60 Singles L1 Sub Hang Power Snatch Sub 30 Singles Option to Sub Push Press for WB



In another threshold training type workout, managing perceived level of effort will be important. The breath is a great way to control rest periods and perceived effort. It sounds like common sense, but the more athletes focus on breathing throughout the 15 minutes, the better they will feel. Time is often lost during long rest periods. In order to control the ratio of work to rest, athletes can count their breaths during breaks. For example, an athlete will complete 8 wall balls, take three breaths, and then pick the ball up again for the last 7 reps. This can be done with any breakup strategy. The goal here is to find a rhythm with the breath, and in turn a rhythm for the workout. This helps with consistency of movement across the 15 minutes and usually results in the best score possible for that athlete.

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