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Mon, 01/22/2018

Hang Squat Snatch Heavy Single “High Heels” AMRAP 9: 10 Hang Squat Snatches (75/55) 30 Double Unders L2 Sub Power Snatch for Squat on both components 60 Singles L1 10 Hang Muscle Snatch 30 Singles


The person who does best on this workout is the person who can stay most consistent throughout. It is not about going fast, but about not slowing down. 6 rounds, a very respectable score on this workout, is 1:30 per round. There will be many athletes who are capable of doing it fast, but the result will likely be a significant drop off later in the AMRAP. Slowing down the first round a touch and trying to maintain that on the following rounds leads to better scores than the opposite approach.

#WOD #hangsquatsnatch #highheels #doubleunders

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