Wed, 01/24/2018

HERO WOD “Marston” AMRAP 20: 1 Deadlift (315/205) 10 Toes to Bar 15 Barbell Facing Burpees L2 Sub Knee Raises (Chest, Elbow, Hip) L1 1 Deadlift 10 Sit-ups 15 Burpees


Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. With a longer workout and a heavy barbell, controlled is better than aggressive. Athletes should approach this how they would see themselves doing so 12 minutes in. That will likely be 2-3 quick sets of toes to bar and methodical, breathing burpees. Dialing in the pace on those two movement sets them up to approach the barbell in a state in which they can safely lift it off the ground. If they finish their first round in two minutes and finish with ten rounds, they most likely kept an appropriate speed throughout.

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