Tues, 01/30/2018

“Handlebars” 4 Rounds: 21/15 Calorie Row / 400 M Run 15 Toes to Bar 7 Power Clean and Jerks (155/105)

L2 Sub Knee Raise/Knee to Elbow for T2B L1 18/12 Cal Row / 200 M Run 15 Sit Ups 7 Push Press (Med Ball or Bar)


We talked about pacing a lot, but finding this pacing and strategy is how athletes get more work done in less time, which gets them fitter and healthier. With the clean and jerks best performed as singles today, athletes will need to find their speed on the rower and toes to bar. 2-3 sets on the toes to bar would be a safe option from the beginning. Many athletes would end up breaking there later in the workout, so it would also be smart to take the planned rests early as well to avoid unplanned rests. Breaking here also allows them to push the pace a little extra on the row. If they know that they only have to come off the row and do 5 reps, they can be a little more aggressive as this is an exponential return on calories.

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