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Thurs, 02/01/2018

“Chip Shot” AMRAP 13: 70 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (50/35) 60 Wallballs (20/14) 50/35 Calorie Row 40 Handstand Push-ups L2 Sub Box or Piked HSPU L1 50 Bar Muscle Snatch or MB Push Press 40 Wall Ball 30 Cal Row 20 Seated KB Strict Press



Just like when these type of workouts show up in the Open, this workout for most athletes will come down to how many handstand push-ups they can get. Ability level on handstand push-ups will determine individual strategy on these movements. For athletes who excel at handstand push-ups when tired, pushing the pace in the preceding movements won’t be as detrimental. For athletes who may struggle with handstand push-ups, getting through the first two movements and slowing the row down quite a bit may be the best option in maximizing efficiency on the wall. For either type of athlete on the first two movements, we can almost think of those as one giant movement of 130 reps. Looking at the whole will help them pick a sustainable number of sets. Anywhere between 10-15 reps with short breaks between may be suitable. Athletes will have a better idea about pace and sense of urgency when they are on the rower and see how much time remains.

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