Fri, 02/02/2018

Sumo Deadlift Build to a Heavy 3-Rep “Lung Butter” Teams of 3 AMRAP 20: 7 Kettlebell Swings (70/53) 150′ Shuttle Sprint 10/7 Calorie Row 150′ Shuttle Sprint

L1 7 Russian KB Swing 100' Shuttle Sprint 7/5 Cal Row 100' Shuttle Sprint


With a 1:2 work to rest ratio today, there is not a ton of strategy involved. When it is your turn to go, it is all about effort. The only big separator can be the rower. The faster you go, the faster calories accumulate. Harder work is rewarded on that machine. Resting twice as long as you worked, athletes will likely feel recovered and ready to go when it comes back around to them in the rotation. With the potential for a lot of rounds, athletes can move poker chips or tally marks following the second shuttle round to keep track of the score.

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