Mon, 02/12/2018

Overhead Squat Heavy Single “Over and Over” 9-15-21: Chest to Bar Pull-ups Burpees Overhead Squats (95/65)

L2 Sub Pull-Ups/Jumping C2B L1 Sub Ring Rows Sub Front Squat if mobility is an issue


With much of the focus today being on the overhead squat, athletes can make their goal in this workout to complete each round in 1-2 sets. Having to drop the bar an snatch it back up, it pays off to pace the rest of the workout accordingly to hold on for large sets. To accomplish that athletes could possibly break the pull-ups into three sets and hold controlled burpees with a slight breath at the top. With a reverse rep scheme to what we are accustomed to, it will be tempting to want to go fast from the beginning. Holding this slightly more conservative pace at the start will pay off when athletes approach the bigger sets in the last two rounds.