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Wed, 02/14/2018

“Blitzen” 5 Rounds: 20/15 Calorie Row 10 Thrusters (115/80)

L1 15/10 Cal Row 10 MB Thrusters


In this couplet, confidence on the barbell will likely determine the pace on the rower. If athletes are strong on the bar and know they will complete all 10 repetitions unbroken, they can strive to hold a faster pace on the rower, something probably just a touch slower than 2k pace. For athletes who aren’t as confident at the barbell, slowing down the row to something probably 10-15 seconds slower than 2k pace will allow them to better maintain bigger sets every time they get to the barbell. With the reps on the barbell being fairly low, athletes can make it a goal to grind out big sets knowing they can get right back on the rower and continue to move, even if at a slower pace for the first few calories.

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