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Thurs, 02/15/2018

“Onesies” Athletes Choose 1 From Each Section: Weightlifting 1RM Deadlift 1RM Bench Press 1RM Back Squat Gymnastics Max Strict Pull-ups Max Weighted Pull-ups Max Muscle-ups Max Strict Handstand Push-ups Conditioning 400M Run 500 Meter Row


We regularly build to “heavy” sets, but now is the time to push the envelope. This workout gives athletes to opportunity to set a new PR and/or establish new benchmarks for themselves. Today is all about energy. The format is a little different than a typical day. We’ll open up with the WOD Brief and a big group warmup, making sure that athletes feel prepared to tackle to work in front of them. With the weightlifting portion having the potential for the heaviest load, we will allot the most time there, giving 20 minutes for athletes to slowly build their way up to a 1RM. The gymnastics portion will be 10 minutes as those movement are quicker to execute and quicker to fatigue. The final conditioning piece tends to be the most intense.15 minutes here in order to give time to run multiple heats, which helps with equipment shortage and increases the energy.

400M Run is a sprint (athletes must finish as fast as possible)

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