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Fri, 02/16/2018

“Tread Water” For Time: 2k Row 150 Double Unders 10 Rounds of Cindy

L2 Sub 300 Singles Sub Ring Rows on Cindy L1 1k Row 150 Singles 7 Rounds Cindy -Sub Ring Rows and Box Push Ups


Breaking the row into thirds to start things up will set athletes up nicely for the double unders to come. We can use 2k pace as a reference to pace out these splits. Here is a potential breakdown: 1st 500: 2k pace + 6 Seconds Middle 1000: 2k pace + 8 Seconds 3rd 500: 2k pace + 10 Seconds Slowing ever so slightly with each split can make it more likely that athletes are able to get to the rope and open with a large set. If athletes approach the rope too fatigued from the rower and take extra rest or excessive trips, the time made up on the erg was lost. Once to the rope, earlier planned breaks when still fresh are better than holding on for big sets and having unplanned trips. There is no wrong answer, with some suggestions being 3×50, 6×25, or 10×15. To finish it out with 10 Rounds of “Cindy”, we can again break it down into three sections, this time building speed with each third. This potential breakdown is: 1st 3 Rounds: Slowest Middle 4 Rounds: Medium Last 3 Rounds: Fastest

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