Thurs, 02/22/2018

Clean and Jerk Build to a Heavy Single “Double Time” AMRAP 10: 50 Lateral Barbell Burpees 100 Double Unders 30 Clusters (115/80)

L2 Sub 200 singles L1 30 Burpees 100 Singles 20 Thrusters / Goblet Squat


Speed on the burpees is dependent on jump rope proficiency. If athletes are comfortable jumping with a higher heart rate, they can find a slightly faster pace on the burpees. No matter the pace, it should be the same from rep 1 to rep 50. We had 150 double unders in last Friday’s workout, “Tread Water.” Athletes can approach this set of 100 double unders similar to how they approached those. Planned breaks are better than pushing near failure. On the clusters, singles will likely be the best option. Time between reps will be different based on the athlete, but staying close to the bar and using the breath as a cadence will help them stay consistent. If athletes get back to the burpees, their pace will be determined by how much time is left on the clock. In this case, the goal is to keep moving and turn it on with just under a minute to go.

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