Wed, 02/28/2018

Deadlift Build to a Heavy Set of 3 “Optimus Prime” AMRAP 7: Wallballs (20/14) On the Minute – 5 Deadlifts (225/155) L1 Option to sub Goblet Squats for WB


With the most time available to complete wallballs in the first round, the whole minute, athletes shouldn’t feel like they have to come out and go unbroken. While this will likely be the biggest set, they want to be able to maintain on the sets to follow. The deadlifts will take about 10-20 seconds out of the remaining minutes. Athletes should focus on moving for as much of the remaining time as possible, paying attention to their breathing and transitions from movement to movement. Just picking up the ball and creating a small goal keeps things moving without overthinking the set. We can encourage athletes to just get 5. It is easier to pick up the ball when you only have to get 5 reps. At 5, athletes can make another small goal and so on. Little goals makes this big workout much more manageable.

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