Sat, 03/10/2018

“Downpour” 3 Rounds: 500 Meter Row OR 400 M Run 12 Power Cleans (155/105) 50 Double Unders L2 100 Singles OR 1 Min DU Attempts L1 250 M Row OR 200 M Run 12 MB Hang Muscle Cleans 50 Singles


Three round triplets are a great opportunity to test out and evaluate pacing. In workouts like this, it is common to see athletes come out fast in round one, slow dramatically in the middle round, and go a little faster in the end knowing there is nothing to follow. Although this is ordinary, it is not something we want to strive for. The best runner, swimmers, rowers, etc. excel and even set records with negative splits. This means they increase speed as they go. A couple ways athletes can set themselves up for success in this goal is on the erg and the barbell. For the rows, athletes can open up with a pace that is just a touch slower than 2k pace. On the next two rounds, they can shoot to increase their pace, even if that is just by a second or two. On the barbell, this means opening up with either singles or consistent small sets. It is better to do singles from the beginning because you want to, not singles in the middle or last round because they have to. Pacing out these two movements correctly will set them up nicely for the jump rope. Taking a glance at the clock after the first round will give them a goal to hit on the next two rounds. After the last round, athletes are able to digest their splits and pacing in order to learn and grow for future workouts.

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