Tues, 03/13/2018

“Whip Lash” 5 Rounds: 1:00 Calorie Row 1:00 Wallballs (20/14) 1:00 Double Unders 1:00 Rest L2 Sub Singles L1 Sub MB Squats


Rather than thinking of these movements as one minute stations, we can think about the whole round as a 3 minute AMRAP. Within the one minute stations, there is then tendency to push really hard on this first movement, which may negatively impact the others. Athletes can probably imagine what three minutes on the bike feels like at a moderate-hard pace. Instead of having a definite break-up strategy, they can aim to hold that “feeling” for all three minutes before resting a minute. While the bike is continuous, holding that feeling will likely mean one or two breaks on both the wallballs and rope.

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