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Steve!!!! This is way overdue! You more than deserve this... You are a very special Master's Athlete and we all love you. We are very proud to have you as part of our CFIV Family!

Keep up the great work, Steve!

1) Name or Nickname:

I wish i had something exciting like “The Murrieta Masher" or “ The Exterminator” but no. My immediate family and cousins call me “Stevie”, and as a Grandfather there are several variations of Grandpa. The CF family kids call me Mr. Steve.

2) What are your hobbies?

Can CF be a hobby? Or, does that fall under the category of Mentally unstable? I like keeping myself busy and I’ve been retired for almost 13 years. I was introduced to woodworking shortly after I retired while living in Prescott and although i would consider my work is rudimentary, I make a lot of sawdust. Currently i’m making cabinets and bookshelves for our daughters loft. I also grew up in a home and era where you learned to do most everything, because the cost of hiring someone was to expensive. I do all the Plumbing, electrical, tile work, painting and my neighbors know i’m available if they need help them fix stuff (I have a lot of tools).

3) What brought you to CFIV?

I’ve always liked to exercise and for several years I was a member of one of those $19.95 a month gyms. Well, i did the same thing every day. I could do it in my sleep. I needed more of a challenge. I went to several places and last was our CF Box. Charles was working that day and after talking to him, he set up an appt. to do a intro class. I liked the variety of exercises and felt a 3 month effort would be enough of a commitment to see if I like it!

4) What makes you keep coming back?

The personal challenge, the great people I’ve met, the encouragement from the coaches and members and the social climate, i’ve been able to make some great friends whose friendship i cherish.

5) What’s your favorite WOD or movement?

I’d have to say most of the overhead presses, KB swings, deadlifts. I feel very comfortable with weights. This is probably because I lifted a lot in my younger years. When I was younger we’d have to remove the rock from the cave entrance and draw the Wooly Mammoths into the cave.

6) What’s your least favorite WOD or movement?

Thats easy, Overhead squats. The shoulders and knees can take the weights as long as I don’t have to do squat at the same time. At times the PVC bar feels like a ton of cement when warming up for shoulder work.

7) Have you set any CrossFit goals? If so, could you share it with us?

I have many goals. My primary goal is doing each WOD with maximum effort. Longterm is getting more efficient on the bars so I can do RX bar work.

9) Did you workout or play any sports before starting CrossFit?

I’ve always played sports both team and individual. Football, baseball, softball, jogging (in the 80’s I jogged daily for distance and weighed in at a whopping 165 lbs). Over the years Pam and I have done a lot of camping/road trips and hiking in The “Tetons”, Mammoth, Yosemite, Mt. Rainier and other national parks. We also have Kayaks and like to kayak at Mission Bay in S.D.

10) Do you have anything to say to someone who’s intimidated to start taking CrossFit Classes?

Don’t worry about what the other members are doing, listen to the coaches and challenge yourself. It’s not a race, do the movements correctly (as instructed). By doing so you’ll see steady improvement.

11) What’s your favorite kind of music?

Late 60’s and 70’s Rock and Roll. I’m a product of that Generation and my favorite groups were “The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Steppenwolf, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Iron Butterfly”. Being a Southern California / O.C. native guitar instrumentals like Dick Dale.


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