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Wed, 04/18/2018

Deadlift Build to a Heavy Set of 5 “Detention” AMRAP 12: 6 Strict Handstand Push-ups 9 Deadlifts (225/155) 30 Double Unders

L2 Sub 30 second handstand hold or piked or box HSPU Sub 60 Singles L1 6 Push-ups 9 Deadlifts 30 singles


With strict handstand push-ups leading off the workout, much of today’s strategy will be centered around managing upper body fatigue with a high heart rate. Although these numbers appear small on paper, they are not as innocent as they look. While athletes are capable of holding on for a couple rounds unbroken, fatigue will likely start to set in somewhere around the halfway point. Reaching failure on any movement means a much longer recovery time between repetitions. Breaking all of today’s movements once to twice may seem conservative at first, but maintaining a rep scheme on purpose over the course of the 12 minutes is more beneficial than breaking up reps because you are forced to.

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