Mon, 04/23/2018

Power Snatch Build to Heavy Single “Isabel” For Time: 30 Snatches (135/95)

L2 Hang Power Snatch L1 Hang Muscle Snatch or MB Push Press


One option to help pace this out appropriately is to think of this as a three part workout: the first ten, second ten, and final ten repetitions. If athletes come out too aggressively on the first ten repetitions, the final twenty repetitions are more likely to be spent in panic mode with sacrificed mechanics. With each “round”, athletes can look to find a higher gear. The first ten repetitions are all about moving well and breathing, whether these are single repetitions or small sets. If these are approached well, athletes will be able to find a slightly quicker pace for the second ten repetitions and finish strong with the quickest ten repetitions of the day. With this being a benchmark workout, athletes may have previous scores that they can reference.

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