Wed, 05/02/2018

“Full Circle” For Time: 1500 Meter Row 100 Double Unders 20 Burpees 100 Double Unders 1500 Meter Row

L2 1 Min DU attempt or 200 singles 1200 M Run Option L1 750 M Row or 400m Run 100 Singles


Comfortability on the jump rope will help dictate athletes pace on each machine. Regardless of double under confidence, rowing at a pace that is between 5-15 seconds slower than 2k pace per 500 will likely set up athletes up nicely to thrive here. It is better to go a touch too slow to start out than to feel gassed when beginning on the rope. As far as the bike goes, athletes can aim to hold an RPM that has a similar feeling to their pace on the opening row. Finding that tempo should allow them to hold a similar rep scheme on the second set of double unders. Finishing things out on the rower, athletes can strive to hold a similar pace, or even slightly more aggressive than the first if possible, knowing there is no more work to follow.

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