Thurs, 05/10/2018

“Half and Half” Teams of 2 8 Rounds: 400 Meter Row 200 Meter Med Ball Run (20/14)

L1 200 M Row 200 M Run


With rest coming, speed is the name of the game. Athletes can expect to work for roughly three minutes before switching off to their partner. The Wreck Bag run has the greatest potential to be the sticking point of this workout due to the additional weight of the bag and the fact that it comes after the row. Taking that into consideration, athletes want to find a pace on the rower than will still allow them to attack the runs. This will likely be at, or slightly below their 2k pace. It is more beneficial to go a touch slower on the row and sprint the run than to crush the row and survive on the run. The practice round is designed to help athletes feel out an appropriate pace for them. Giving plenty of rest following the rehearsal before the real thing so athletes can push the pace a little.

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