Tues, 05/15/2018

“Jerry” For Time: 1 Mile Run 2,000 Meter Row 1 Mile Run

L2 Sub 1000m Row L1 800m Run 1000m Row 800m Run If you can't run : 5k Row or 1000m Row 4 Rounds of Cindy 1000m Row


We are familiar with splits on the rower, as they are right in front of our face the whole time. However, running spits are more difficult to track. For that reason, we have chosen to run 400 meters at a time during the mile run. This allows athletes to come inside and see where they are on the clock. Paces will be different based on the athlete, but the focus today will be to pick a goal pace for the runs and the row and not slow down. These paces will be slower than athletes true 2k and 2 miles run paces due to the cumulative work.

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