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Thurs, 05/17/2018

“Meat Paws” 4 Rounds: 15/12 Calorie Row 15 Toes to Bar 9 Hang Power Snatch (95/65)

L2 Option to sub row with 200m Run Hanging Knee or Knee to Chest L1 200 M Run 15 Sit Ups Hang Muscle Snatch or Hang Snatch High Pull


The only goal of today’s workout is to hold on for all 9 hang power snatches each round and to look good doing it. That starts with choosing the right weight to begin with, but approach also makes a difference. Pace on the bike and sets on the toes to bar will help athletes be successful. Some athletes will be able to do small sets, others might go unbroken, and there may be a few who switch up their strategy in the middle. All are ok if that means holding on for 9 of the best hang power snatches they’ve ever done.

#WOD #MeatPaws #calrow #toestobar #t2b #hangpowersnatch

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