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Tues, 06/05/2018

“Sugar Daddy” 21-15-9 Deadlifts (225/155) 400 Meter Run

L1 KB Deadlifts 200 M Run


Similar to “Boat Race” last Friday, both these movements are important in regards to score. We can aim to find a balance between the two so that speed can be maintained. While athletes are capable of going unbroken on the first set, we’re all familiar with the feeling after a big set of deadlifts. If they reach a near failure point on the first set, the legs will feel heavy and slow on the runs. Breaking the 21’s and 15’s into three sets with short breaks should allow some speed to preserved on the runs. The last round doesn’t require much thought. Athletes can turn the brains off and the jets on for the final set of deadlifts and run.

#WOD #sugardaddy #deadlifts #run

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