Thurs, 06/14/2018

June 13, 2018



On the 2:00 x 7 Sets:
36 Double Unders
9 Toes to Bar
3 Power Cleans


72 Singles
Sub Knees to Chest/Knee Raises

36 Singles
9 Sit Ups
3 MB Power Cleans



All strategy today is focused around the power clean. These intervals are not for time. The goal is to get to the barbell with enough energy to complete three repetitions and change the weight for the next round. This can almost be approached as an alternating EMOM. The first minute (give or take a few seconds) is ideally dedicated to completing the double unders and toes to bar. These do not have to be completed unbroken by any means. 1-2 quick sets are appropriate. Athletes will then have the whole second minute for the power cleans and weight changes. It is better to take a little extra rest to ensure the cleans look good. Score today is final weight completed weight on the barbell.



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