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Thurs, 06/21/2018

*Reminder: We will be closed on Sat, 6/23. Come cheer our Athletes at the Proving Grounds Competition at the Imperial Beach Pier starting at 8am!*

“Schlitz” 4 Rounds For Time: 400 Meter Run 4 Ring Muscle-ups 40 Double Unders

L2 Sub 8 Burpee C2B or Pull-up Sub 80 Singles L1 8 Ring Rows 40 Singles


The pace of the workout is dependent on proficiency in the muscle-ups and the double unders. If athletes are confident with their ability to string together reps on the rings and the ropes when tired, they can afford to push the runs a little harder. If they plan on breaking up the muscle-ups from the onset, taking the pace down a little bit on the runs will allow them to feel a little more fresh for the challenging movements. A good rule of thumb on the runs is to find a pace that enables athletes to waste no time before hopping on the rings once they get into the gym. If they go a little faster on the run, but chalk up or rest a significant amount of time before grabbing the rings, the extra time and energy put into the run was wasted. For athletes completing the workout with a burpee pull-up variation, one higher skill movement is eliminated, so the name of the game is to find a pace that they won’t slow down on from round one.

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