Mon, 06/25/2018

“Nose Bleed” AMRAP 15: 27/21 Calorie Row 21 Deadlifts (135/95) 15 Burpees 9 Push Press (135/95)

L1 19/15 Cal Row 15 Deadlifts (bar or KB) 12 Burpees 9 Push Press


The push press will likely provide the biggest challenge of today’s workout as far as weights go, although they only contribute to 9 of the 72 total repetitions per round. While completing these in 1-2 sets is important for getting back to the movements that athletes can keep moving on, how they navigate the other 63 repetitions will have a big impact on their scores. If athletes approach the first three movements as if they had to complete 9 push presses without dropping, it is possible that they may come out too slow. Instead, they can think about only having to get 5 reps. After the burpees, immediately picking up the bar for 5 reps is less intimidating and easier to accomplish. Once at the 5 rep mark, they can decide finish out the nine reps or give it a quick break. This “just start” mindset will also benefit athletes on the deadlifts as well. Although light, going unbroken would likely cause them to slow down on the row. Think 7 reps and evaluate once there.

OPEN GYM (optional):

Strength/Accessory work designed to complement today's WOD

1. Push Press Build to a 1 Rep Max For the Day

2. Gymnastic Conditioning AMRAP 7: Strict Deficit Handstand Push-ups (3″/2″)

On the Minute (Starting at 0:00): 3 Deadlifts @ 75%

3. Midline Not For Time: 30 GHD Sit-Ups :30 Second L-Sit Hold 20 GHD Sit-Ups :20 Second L-Sit Hold 10 GHD Sit-Ups :10 Second L-Sit Hold L-Sits do not need to be straight – these are total numbers that we are accumulating towards.

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