Wed, 06/27/2018

3-Position Power Snatch Build to Heavy Complex “Double Dribble” 3 Rounds For Time: 75 Double Unders 50 Air Squats 15 Power Snatches (115/80) L2 150 Singles Hang Power Snatch L1 Build to heavy 3 rep hang power snatch 75 Singles 25 Air Squats 10 Hang Power or Muscle Snatch


With air squats following the double unders, athletes can afford to bite off a little more than they can chew on the rope. 1-2 planned sets here will be ideal. On the air squats, the first 30-35 can be performed at a slightly faster pace, with the last 15-20 performed at more of a recovery pace in order to be able to immediately get to the barbell. Quick singles or small sets are the name of the game for the power snatches, whichever keeps athletes resting as little as possible between reps.

OPEN GYM (optional):

Strength/Accessory work designed to complement today's WOD

1. 3-Position Power Snatch 5 Sets: Set 1 – 50% Set 2 – 53% Set 3 – 56% Set 4 – 59% Set 5 – 62%

2. Power Snatch On the Minute x 7 – 1 Heavy Power Snatch Do not exceed 80%. Aiming to confirm technique from previous work.

4. Row Conditioning 5 Sets: 30/21 Calories Rest 1 minute between

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