Wed, 07/18/2018

*Scheduled Maintenance: If you are planning on working out during open gym today, please be aware that we will be closed between 11am - 1pm.

“Button Down” 3 Rounds: 3 Minute Calorie Row/10m Shuttle Runs 2 Minute Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20) 1 Minute Double Unders Rest 2 Minutes Between Rounds

L2 Sub Box Jump Overs Sub Singles L1 Sub Box Step Ups Sub Singles


For the sake of visualizing an effort, let’s think of these three rounds of 1 mile repeats. Knowing you have two minutes of rest between, you can better dictate your intensity for each round. The first six minutes should be performed at a consistent, moderate intensity throughout. It’s not about how fast you go, rather finding a speed that can be maintained throughout. The row and rope are easier to out than the burpee box jump overs. Finding a rhythm with feet will keep athletes moving for the two minute duration. Following the first round, athletes will have a good gauge and also a tangible number to help guide them for the final two rounds.

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