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Wed, 07/25/2018

“Lost Count” For Time: 200 Double Unders 1,500 Meter Row 100 Wallballs (20/14) 35/25 Calorie Row or 400m Run L2 400 Singles or 100 DU L1 100 Singles 1000 M Row 50 Wallballs or MB Front Squat 200 M Run


Looking at this workout at a whole can be overwhelming at first. Taking it one set at a time helps athletes stay focused in the moment, not getting too far ahead of themselves. Success today is not about big sets, rather consistent sets. It doesn’t matter if athletes do 20 sets of 10 on the rope or 20 sets of 5 on the ball, as long as they maintain a steady work/rest rhythm. Tracking rest will be beneficial today to keep athletes on track. Taking a specific number of breaths or counting to 3 or 5 before beginning the next set can be helpful. Pick a breakup strategy, pick a rest length, and try to stick to it.

OPEN GYM (optional):

Strength/Accessory work designed to complement today's WOD

1. Snatch Primer On the Minute x 7: Snatch Pull Hang Snatch High Pull 2 Hang Power Snatches

Perform between 40-50%

2. Power Snatch On the Minute x 9: 1 Snatch Pull 1 Low Hang Power Snatch

3. Handstand Walk Practice 10 Minutes of Practice

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