Some people come and go, some people come and stay, and this is how we all met Jen! She was just checking out, "dopping-in", and never left. You are part of our CFIV Family, Jen, and we love having you around, this amazing Athlete that only gets better everyday!

1. Do you have a nickname?

HAHA! None that I've given to myself but I've been called Tiny T (Tiny Terminator) and Asian Persuasion (keep your mind out of the gutters now!) haha!

2. How long have you been “CrossFitting” and how long have you been part of the CFIV Family?

I have been doing CrossFit on and off for about 9 years. I have been with my AMAZING CFIV family for over a year!

3. What makes you come back for more every day?

I come back everyday because I have made some of the most amazing friends that make my life better. These people drive me to be a better athlete and person everyday. I also come back because I like to suffer. There's no better feeling of pushing yourself to your limits and having that feeling afterwards of wanting to either cry or throw up hahaha!!!

4. Favorite WOD: Incredible Hulk

5. Favorite Movement/Lift: Squats and Thrusters

6. Least favorite WOD: OMG, anyone who knows me knows its running!!

7. Least favorite Movement/Lift: Snatch

8. Did you play any sports or did you workout before you started CrossFit?

I played softball and soccer.

9. Do you have any CrossFit goals?

I would love to coach one day.

10. You have been competing a little bit, do you plan on competing again soon?

Yes of course! I love competing.

11. If you could program a WOD for yourself, what would it be and what would you name it? maybe a 20 EMOM of thrusters, weighted sit-ups, and squat cleans. I'd call it "Weighed Down"

12. Do you have anything to say to someone who’s intimated to start taking CrossFit classes?

Don't knock it till you try it!! The hardest part is walking through the door. I tell people all the time that there is nothing better than having a community of people who will be more welcoming and encouraging than the ones you find at a Crossfit Box. You will never hear anything more amazing than people cheering for the last one to finish. This is why this is my chosen sport!

13. What’s your favorite kind of music to workout to?

I can listen to anything! But if I had to choose I love heavy metal, rock, and the 80's.

Thank you so much for choosing me for Athlete of the Month. I feel so humbled and blessed to have found Crossfit Inland Valley. Ryan, Christina, Chanel, Anthony, and Carrie, you all inspire me and i'm so lucky to call this place my home!!!

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