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Thurs, 08/23/2018

“Run Train” 5 Rounds: 100 Meter Med Ball (20/14) 200 Meter Run 15 Burpees L1 200 M Run 15 Burpees


A five round workout means a sustained effort is in order. While athletes are capable of going fast on the first two rounds, it is more about maintaining a pace through the third and fourth rounds, finishing strong on the last. We can take into account the total numbers on each movement to help with pacing: a 500 meter sandbag run, 1000 meters of running, and 75 burpees. Imagine where you’d be in round three or four and hold that pace from the beginning. That will allow for a good sprint to the finish on the final round.

OPEN GYM (optional):

Strength/Accessory work designed to complement today's WOD

1. Recovery


Slow recovery pace on the rower

2. Stretch and Mobility


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