Thurs, 08/30/2018

“Shipwreck” 5 Rounds For Time: 500 Meter Row 10 DB Cleans (50/35) 16 DB Reverse Lunges (50/35) 24 AbMat Sit-ups

L2 Option to sub barbell for DB L1 250m Row or 100m Run 10 Hang Power Clean (bar/mb/db) 10 Reverse Lunge 20 Sit-Ups


The first goal of this workout can be to perform the sandbag movements in big, if not unbroken sets. The weight is light for a clean, yet sometimes odd to handle, but nevertheless should be something that athletes can move through quickly. If athletes are to break anywhere, the cleans are a great place since they come back down to the ground each time. Once the bag is to the back for the lunges, might as well keep it there without dropping. Athletes can move at a pace on the rower that allows them to knock out this good work on the bag. With 2,500 meters of rowing, this will likely be something 10-15 seconds slower than their 2k pace. The sit-ups at the finish of each round is a great opportunity for athletes to move through at a steady pace and catch their breath for the next three movements.

OPEN GYM (optional):

Strength/Accessory work designed to complement today's WOD

1. Recovery


Slow recovery pace on the rower

2. Stretch and Mobility


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