1. Do you have a nickname? Jules & Sonya

  2. How long have you been “CrossFitting” and how long have you been part of the CFIV Family? I have been Crossfitting and at CFIV for a year. I think I started at the end of July last year. CFIV was my initiation into Crossfit. I haven't been anywhere else.

  3. What makes you come back for more every day? I love working out. It is my stress-reliever, my time to decompress and not think about everything I have going on; my "me" time.

  4. Favorite WOD: I like them all. They are all fun.

  5. Favorite Movement/Lift: All lifts

  6. Least favorite WOD: burpee crap

  7. Least favorite Movement/Lift: burpees, bar-facing burpees, lateral barbell burpees, bar-facing burpees, box jump over burpees, burpees over erg...........

  8. Did you play any sports or did you workout before you started CrossFit? I played soccer from the time I was six through college. I've always stayed active (kayaking, paddle boarding, wakeboarding, snowboarding, etc) and gone to the gym. It has always a mix of running, cycling, and lifting.

  9. Do you have any CrossFit goals? Just keep getting better, especially the gymnastic movements. Damn toes to bar continues to give me fits.

  10. You recently competed for the first time, do you plan on participating of comps moving forward? Yep. I had a great time with my team and all the other teams from CFIV. As much as I push myself every WOD and try to keep up, comp is a whole ohter animal. Lots of fun.

  11. If you could program a WOD for yourself, what would it be and what would you call it? Oh man, ummm, it would have some kind of squat. Good amount of weight. Probably be a chipper, require good pacing with constant movement. It would probably be called "Gnarly".

  12. Do you have anything to say to someone who’s intimated to start taking CrossFit classes? Start! It's lots of fun and you will surprise yourself. All you have to do is try.

  13. What’s your favorite kind of music to workout to? Loud and not slow for WODs. I have a pretty eclectic taste, so no specific genre. Lifting can be a little slower and more relaxing, but anything I can sing along to.

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