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Thurs, 09/13/2018

Strict Press

Heavy set of 1

Push Press

Heavy set of 3

Push Jerk

Heavy set of 5

"Nonstop" AMRAP 8: 7/5 Calorie Row 10 Wallballs (20/14) L1 No height requirement on the wall ball


Progressing through all three foundational pressing movements today before hitting a quick conditioning burner to finish things out. The overhead presses move from most simple to more complex. We’ll set the tone for the more dynamic movements by first dialing in the strict press. The weight on the wallball is meant to be something that athletes could complete 30+ unbroken repetitions when fresh. Within the workout today, the goal is to not put the wallball down at all. If short on rowers, stagger by :30 seconds and/or have no one own a rower.

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