Fri, 09/14/2018

“The Good Life"

3 Rounds:

500 Meter Row

12 Burpees

21 Box Jumps (24/20)


8 Burpees

14 Box Step ups


Simple, but effective bodyweight triplet workout today. The burpees are regular burpees, only requiring a small jump and clap overhead. With regular box jumps as well, athletes will stand all the way to full extension to finish out the reps. There are a few options today if there are more people than rowers. The first would be to run two heats, each running about 15 minutes maximum. Sharing equipment and staggering about 2 minutes could work, but the burpees and box jumps for many athletes will be faster than the row, which could cause a pile-up at the rowers to start the second round. The other option would be to run one heat, filling up the rowers and then seeing if other athletes would be up to run or bike instead. The timeline today will reflect that of two heats. Feel free to adjust lesson plan as needed!

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